The Oaks Residential Community

We publish a semi-annual newsletter called "The Tap". Original name we know but full of informational stuff regarding our Class A State approved water and waste water systems. We are very proud of our privately owned, operated, and funded utility systems. Learn more by reading past and current editions of "The Tap"

Located on San Juan Island, surrounded by salt water, with no major rivers or gigantic resevoirs providing resources a majority of our residents are reliant upon ground water sources for fresh potable water. The Oaks is fortunate enough to have water rights to one of the most reliable aquifirs on the island. The community pond you see pictured above is not part of our potable water system but acts as a supply for our fire department should there be any need for such a thing.

San Juan Island is located in one of the most pristine ecologically concious counties in the country and we must be conscious of preserving it's health as well. Therefore it's important we properly manage not only our Fresh Water resource but are mindfull of our Waste Water System as well. 

The Washington State Department of Health as well as our local San Juan County Health Department do an outstanding job of monitoring as well as supporting us in achieving this.

As community owners who live on-site we take particular pride in maintaining both water and waste water systems and as such continue to re-invest capital into both systems as they age.  

Initially installed in the late 1980's we have had to make some major upgrades to both systems in order to stay reliant and current with ever changing government regulations. Both our water and waste water systems meet or exceed the high standards required by our ever present government agencies. 

 "The Tap" is our semi-annual water newsletter and is one way we communicate detailed descriptions of components within our two systems with our residents as well as keep them abreast of what upgrades or maintenance we're doing. 

If you'd like to receive any of our editions of "The Tap" please contact us and we'll be happy to e-mail of snail mail you a copy.