The Oaks Residential Community

Frequently Asked Questions like - "was that huge rock at the entrance that looks like a sitting elephant just there or did you guys put it there" often come up as people look further into The Oaks as a serious option for living on San Juan Island. Look below and see if we can answer something you are wondering about. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We've tried to anticipate some questions you might have about our Community and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send email to


What does "Leased Land Community" mean?

That means each homeowner here at The Oaks doesn't own the actual land their home sits on. We, the owners of The Oaks, still own the land and have an automatic self-renewing lease which allows you to keep your home on our property. A monthly amount is then paid for this lease.    


How much is the monthly lease?

The amount of each monthly lease payment is based mainly on the square footage of each lot. When the community was first developed we applied an initial amount per square foot for the lots as a base rate. Currently the rates are in the range of $331 - $376 or roughly 5 - 7 cents per sqr foot. Some lots have a slightly better view or more privacy than others so the rate is adjusted accordingly. 

Rents are raised annually at the discretion of the owners. Typically an $8.00/month increase is standard beginning in the month of May of each year. There have been years when owners have decided not to raise rents. It's all based on the needs of the community and maintaining Capital Infrastructure.


Is this a "fifty five and over community?"

No, we have a number of young families living here at The Oaks. It's a great place to raise kids. Lots of sidewalks and open space for kids to ride bikes or run around in the field with their friends. The Oaks is noted for it's peaceful quitness and families with kids adhere to this as well. Our demographics encompass the entire spectrum. We are proud to include everyone and not discriminate.


What's included in the monthly Lease amount?

The monthly Lease payment covers:

  1. All "Real Estate" property Taxes
  2. Provides you with access to our storage area. You can store two items in this unsecured area such as an additional vehicle or boat or RV. We've never had any issues with security. There is currently no power or water in this area.
  3. Maintenance and improvements on roads, sidewalks, and all common areas.
  4. Debris dumping for all yard waste rather than hauling to the transfer station ($$$$)
  5. Rights to connect to our Calss A State approved utility systems.


Can I rent my home if I so desire?

We do allow sub-rentals under certain strict circumstances. They are as follows:

  1. You must have had your home listed for sale and actively been persuing selling it for six months or more.
  2. All sub-lease agreement terms must be 12 months, nothing shorter.
  3. All sub-tenents must pass all residential screenings.
  4. Home owner must maintain the utility and lease payments directly with The Oaks management.
  5. Sub-tenets must agree to, sign, and abide to the community rules.
  6. Home owner must hire a property manager to be a local contact if home owner does not live on San Juan Island.


Can I get Internet Access, cell service, and/or satelite or cable TV at The Oaks?

The answer is "YES" to all with some limitations:

Internet Access - There are a few options available:

  • Rockisland Technologies (360-378-5884) has two options available                                                                                    1. A Mesh Network or "Hotspot". The speeds are 1.96 Mbps Down and .49 Mbps Up. 

          2. Rockisland LTE which is a recently new addition using T-Mobile in conjunction with a Fiber backbone. It's a fixed                   wireless system that promises 10 Mbps Down and 1 Mbps Up.

  • Centurylink (1-855-753-9623) - They offer many optional "bundled" prices for 10Mbps Down and 1 Mbps Up.
  • Recommended - Zito Media (1-800-365-6988) - Offering UP TO 100 Mbps over the existing coaxial cable already run to each home at The Oaks. Upload speed will be significantly less.

Cell Service - Cell service is very "spotty" throughout the San Juans. The lack of cell towers is the cause. It's no different here at The Oaks. Our office has limited cell service but we did install a "signal booster" and now we have 3 - 4 bars of service regularly. AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint all serviced. Some are more reliable on the island than others. 

 TV - There's TV cable to each lot site and we do allow direct TV and Dish Network satelitte installations. Many homes have them already. 


Are pets allowed?

Our pet policy is summarized as follows:

1. We allow pets of all kinds as long as they are typical household domestic animals.

2. We have a 2 dog limit per household and do not allow vicious breeds.

3. Pets are to be controlled and kept from bothering neighbors. They must be on leashes while outside your individual lot boundaries except when you are with them in our large open field.

4. Owners are responsible for picking up after their pets.

5. Any incidents of your pets disturbing anyone or creating a nusance will result in a community violation notice. Three notices within a 12 month period and you will be evicted from the community.



Is there any qualification proceedures to become a community member at The Oaks?

1. Initially every home is owner occupied. This means there must be at least one adult, 21 years of age or older, who is on the title of the Manufactured home living on site in the home itself. If an owner eventually decides they want to sub-lease their home out they must meet all sub-lease qualifications listed in FAQ # 5 above. 

2. Everyone 18 years and older must submit and pass a criminal and financial Background check. We use Moco Inc. as our background check processing agent. Each individual form is paid for by the applicant. The current cost of this process is ar ound $45.

3. Each individual on the title of the Manufactured home must review and sign a Lease and Community Rules document. This entails meeting with managment and reviewing these policies. 


What do utilities cost?

Water and sewer are individually metered and billed in house here at The Oaks. Our billing structure is as follows:

Each home is billed a minimum of $25/month for water, sewer, and storm drain. This includes 3,000 gallons of water usage. For every gallon over 3,000 you consume in a billing cycle you are charged 1 cent per gallon.

O.P.A.L.C.O. is our county electrical Co-Op. Each home is individually metered and the owner has an account. They bill monthly with typical costs ranging from $35 to $200 per onth depending on usage.