The Oaks Residential Community

These Garry Oaks are our name sake. They have been here much, much longer than we have. Some estimate 300 + years old! They are amazing and set the standard for island life, slow and steady! 

We are required to publish two annual reports which provide quality, monitoring, and usage information to our consumers.


The first is called the "Consumer Confidence Report" (CCR) and describes both past and present water quality monitoring. The State Department of Health continually evolves their requirements and limits in regards to acceptable contaminant levels of everything from Bacteriological to Inorganic and Synthetic Compounds and Disinfectant By-Products (DBP's). This report states results of all this monitoring and what, if any, efforts are required to meet any unacceptable results. We happily report that our water currently meets all acceptable levels of contaminents and we are not required to make any adjustments. We do chlorinate our water because the state has a zero policy for Bacteria and the chlorine disinfects the water. This doesn't mean our water is infected it just means that the state wants to prevent any potential cases from occuring.   


The second is called the "Water Usage Efficiency" or "WUE" report. In this report we state the total amount of water we use as a proprietor as well as discussions our water board is having to continually attempt to reduce that usage.


If you'd like to see either of these reports please contact us and we can either e-mail or snail mail you copies!